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Crafty Critters - Children's Craft Workshops

Another aspect of Rachel's teaching, which reflects her love of making things, is her children's craft workshops.

Crafty Critters was due to return in 2020, but has been delayed due to Covid-19.  In the meantime, Rachel is posting daily craft ideas to her Facebook page, like these posters you can write on!

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You can click on these posters to download as an A4 sized PDF.

street party.jpg
union jack for colouring.jpg
things made.jpg
things learned.jpg
things accomplished.jpg

This wonderful time capsule was created by Natalie Long of Long Creations - click on the posters for the PDF and a link to her Facebook page.


The photos are from the 'Japanese Craft Making' and 'Beach Craft' sessions at Norden Farm, in 2013.

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